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Soft seal rubber valve seat


EPDM food grade valve seats are fully suitable for hygienic and standard industrial uses

BUNA-N is a good general seat material, especially suitable for hydrocarbons

Compared with other standard seat materials, FKN has acid resistance, oil resistance and heat resistance

Polyurethane can withstand violent impact, can be restored to its original shape after deformation, and has better wear resistance than other rubbers

PTFE-lined EPDM seats are generally used in BUNA-N and EPDM seats are not suitable for chemical places, especially corrosion.

The inherent molecular bonding of pure PTFE provides maximum protection for medium penetration

Conductive PTFE seats combine the anti-static discharge of PTFE with excellent chemical resistance.

UHMWPE provides superior chemical resistance and is the best choice for highly abrasive chemical applications.

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