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General Information for SML rubber and silicone ru
Time:2016-03-21 13:13:57

1. Hardness:

Generally the rubber hardness is between 30 ~ 100 degree, and 10 ~ 90 degree for silicone rubber.

2. Advantages and disadvantages:

Rubber has good wear and aging resistance, silicone has good elasticity and good hand feel.

3. Temperature:

Temperature resistance for rubber is 180 degree, and 200 degree for silicone rubber, special silicone and rubber have better temperature resistance.

4. Conductivity:


5. Material source:

We have an independent rubber refining center, all rubber materials are made by our own formula, and we do out-sourcing for silicone rubber.

6. Service life:

If using in outdoor environment, generally it can be used for 3 to 5 years, if in indoor environment, can be 5 to 8 years.

7. Application:

Rubber products for sports and fitness equipment, hardware machinery, furniture appliances and other industries.

8. Certification:

SML materials are environmental protection and non-toxic. We have passed the certifications of KTW, W270, EN681-1,ACS, NSF61/372, WRAS, EC1935, FDA, EC1935, REACH, ROHS, etc.

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