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Moulding Process of Rubber Products
Time:2016-03-21 13:12:07

We know now the moulding technology of plastic and rubber industry already quite mature, but silicone rubber moulding technology is still in constantly improve. Comparing to injection moulding, silicone rubber is not as widely used as plastic industry. The main reason should be the cost control problem, but with the development of silicone rubber products industry, the application of the injection technology will be more and more popular.

Our silicone rubber products can be roughly divided into compression moulding and injection moulding. Generally, we use compression moulding for the common products and the small quantity products because the moulding cost is cheaper. Constantly, we use injection moulding for the necessary products even the moulding cost is more expensive, but it can reduce a lot of labor costs due to the benefit over a long period of time.

The necessary products like: 

1. high requirements of the appearance. Sometimes it’s very difficult to trim by hand, or, it takes too long time.

2. Another condition, the quantity is huge. It’s difficult to meet the delivery time if using the compression moulding.

Therefore, it’s more important to choose a correct moulding method based on the real condition rather than the price.

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